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Twenty Years of Service to the Community

As president, founder and publisher of Miami Maps, Marshall Steingold has been producing high-quality custom-designed walking maps for exclusive neighborhoods in South Florida for more than 20 years.

The colorful and informative Miami Walking Maps are widely used and respected by hotel concierges and management who help direct hotel guests to the various points of interest and merchants (advertisers on the map) in the immediate area.

The maps have become an integral part of the community and represent a unique collection of 100's of distinguished advertisers who have generated untold millions of dollars in revenue as a result of placing ads on the maps.

Additionally, realtors and related business professionals use the maps to direct prospective buyers to see residential or commercial listings. The Chamber of Commerce, B.I.D., and Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau send many thousands of copies of Miami Maps to people all over the World who are inquiring about the area for business and pleasure.

In addition to publishing the Miami Maps, Marshall Steingold has achieved a wide variety of accomplishments and community service throughout his 25-year advertising career in South Florida:

Steingold is chair-elect for the Coconut Grove Arts Festival and is currently serving as chairman of the marketing committee, responsible for all advertising and publicity for the 49 year-old event, the number one arts festival in the U.S.

Mr. Steingold coordinates a monthly general managers group of all hotels in Coconut Grove. For the past seven years, Marshall has helped coordinate co-op advertising between the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Grove Hotels. Together, they have increased hotel occupancy significantly during the summer utilizing local and regional internet advertising.

Through another of his companies, Image Factory, Steingold published the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory for ten years. His company sold all the advertising, designed and printed the book.

For twenty years, he published the Coconut Grove Magazine, an annual in-room hotel book for the hotels of Coconut Grove. He was responsible for coordinating a sales team to sell the advertising. He designed, printed and distributed the book.

Another of his companies, Metro Magazines was the exclusive advertising agent for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. They sold all the advertising for Miamiís Tourist Guide Books for five years, exceeding sales each year.

As associate publisher of Southern Playbill Publishing, the national theatre magazine, Steingold directed a sales staff of seven people, who sold local, regional and national advertising for the tri-county area, including the Coconut Grove Playhouse. He served as chairman of the Special Events and Marketing committee of the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District (B.I.D.) and is currently coordinating a six-month, $200,000 local advertising campaign between the B.I.D. and 27 merchants in the Grove.

Steingold holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Communications from the University of Miami.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is nestled between Coral Gables and Downtown Miami and is a sail away from Key Biscayne. This charming village is considered by many the "Jewel of Miami." Tourists and residents alike love Coconut Grove for its quaint village atmosphere, treelined streets, brick sidewalks and its proximity to Biscayne Bay.

For evening entertainment, visit the Coconut Grove Playhouse and experience "Broadway by the Bay," or choose from many other theaters and nightclubs located in the Grove.

The village is a shopper's delight. boutiques, art galleries, novelty shops and apparel stores line the quaint streets in the Downtown village. The Streets of Mayfair, Commodore Plaza and CocoWalk are home to some finer national retail stores. Shoppers are in paradise while browsing the streets of Coconut Grove.

Fishing and Sailing charters are available from the various Grove marinas. Bicycles, motor scooters, rickshaw rentals and roller skates let you experience the Grove at your leisure.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables' planners and developers were influenced by the City Beautiful movement of the early 1900s. Coral Gables offers residents tree-shaded streets radiating from ornate plazas, grand entranceways and plenty of green space. Founded by George Merrick in 1921, it is home to some of Miami's most historic sites.

Many buildings and districts of Coral Gables are meticulously preserved as historic landmarks, offering a glimpse at Merrick's grand vision. The Coral Gables City Hall and Douglas Road Entrance are two reminders of Coral Gables' history, reflecting the predominant Mediterranean style that flavors the city.

Coral Gables is home to many fine restaurants and cafes, and is ideal for scenic walks and after-dinner strolls. It includes the campus of the University of Miami and Fairchild Tropical Garden, with 83-acres of tropical plants from around the world. Coral Gables is a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoyable entertainment right outside the city limits of Miami.

Key Biscayne

Often overlooked, this island paradise located just six miles off the coast of Miami is as rich in history as it is in lush tropical beauty. Originally discovered by Ponce de Leon, it is still sought by divers and treasure-hunters for its remarkable coral reef, and its legendary sunken treasure. Tourists also seek it out for its serene beaches, romantic atmosphere, as well as its many great attractions, restaurants and shopping.

Because it is often overlooked by tourists, Key Biscayne is the recreational spot of choice for many Miamians. From bicycling, tennis, golf and fishing to kite boarding, windsurfing, sailing and waterbiking, Key Biscayne holds some of the best that Miami has to offer.

Home of the Miami Seaquarium (the original home of "Flipper" the dolphin) and frequent host to world-class tennis events, Key Biscayne is a fantastic spot for savvy tourists. Some of Miami's finest resorts are located along Key Biscayne's scenic sandy beaches, but more than 3 miles of its valuable beachfront real estate remains undeveloped.

Key Biscayne also offers the most breathtaking view of Miami's skyline imaginable.

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